The peaking of interest…how a business idea ignited a passion.

I sat on my couch watching TV one Sunday evening and a business idea found it’s way in my head. This isn’t the first time that this has happened to me and I’m sure it has happened to you at some point. My mentor in my head, Les Brown says that most of us get 3-5 great ideas during our lifetime but never act on them.

Well this time I decided to ACT. I immediately reached for my cell phone, went to google and starting researching. My immediate findings halted me in my tracks, as I discovered that my initial business plan had already been put into action in the area where I lived. However it was a very momentary block, I became consumed with thoughts of unique ways to serve consumers in this particular industry. After about forty-five minutes of thinking, writing, researching, scratching through, and rewriting ideas; I discovered a concept that could work, would work, or at least I was going to put it out there and see.

Excited about the idea I texted  a friend or two just to get some input and I was off to jot down more ideas and think of a consumer whom I could bounce these ideas off. Yes I got it, my uncle, he and his buddy are regular consumers, aficionados, they enjoy the product and know the scene.

Fast forward about a month and I have gotten my uncles input and approval, he definitely thinks I should go for it. Following his advice I visit a local lounge and speak with the owner, who is more than willing to share and even introduces me to someone who he feels is more knowledgeable in the area of what I’m trying to do. I talk to this gentlemen and his business partner for almost two hours, they enlighten yet encourage me and it feels like we’re old friends.

I leave with smoky hair, great information, a business consultant, and a new found appreciation for what I now know to be the art of cigar smoking. Not only am I’m excited about this as a business opportunity but my interest in this community, this elite club, this bonding experience is thoroughly PEAKED…and I yearn to not only learn more, but to become a part of it.


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